How do your kids cope with deployments?

How do I explain deployment to my tiny trooper?

How do I prepare them for the long separation ahead?

After I googled for answers, I found the following to be my favorite 3 solutions for helping a child cope. I use child instead of children because each one is different in how they will cope I believe.

By all means please let us know how your kids cope with deployments by leaving a comment below and share your ideas.

You have to admit once you’ve left your tiny trooper, they can come back to these videos time and again to see you playing and sharing everyday moments with them.

Before leaving, create a wonderful memory together by making a trip to Build A Bear Workshop. This will give you a great chance to talk with your child about your deployment.

This is a great tool for deployments. It can allow pretty much any occasion such as a birthday or christmas time to interact. May have to have a box of tissues close by but even while your Skype date is in session go ahead and  video record the event also. The memories can last a lifetime.

Emotions can run high and off the scale and no solution seems to be good enough to cope with deployment. So why continue with a long winded conclusion but leave you with a quote.

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”

— Ernest Hemingway

3 thoughts on “How do your kids cope with deployments?”

  1. These are all great suggestions, although my husband is deployed stateside it is still very hard on our kids and even me too. I will definitely be trying out these ways to stay as close as we can. Thanks for the advice Trooper!

  2. We email and skype with my husband as often as possible and always have a picture of Daddy on our nightstand. We love to kiss him goodnight even when he’s deployed. 😉

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